How it Work

Youviu registration and reffaral programme

Youviu is an international website that contains the most popular and trending video from all over the internet. Here you can get movies, funny videos, music videos, dramas and play, and other videos of several entertainment segments. Youviu is mainly famous for movies, music videos and dramas and the blogs and news reports regarding the blockbuster hits and award-winning films as well. Here you can find videos from all over the world, reviews, film-critics, blogs, and news about all the hit movies and upcoming big releases as well.

Signing up and reffaral :

For signing up on our website you need to click the sign-up button and fill the form with your name, email id, a user name of your choice, and a password.

After signing up your account will be verified from Recived Email link. Once the verification is done then you will get a referral link within your account panel and in your email address as well. You can use and earn some cash with this link. You might be thinking - “Like, really. How is it possible ??”. Yes, it is possible.

Let us explain to you how. you can send an invitation to your friends and family to join our website by using the referral link. Once someone registers via your referral link you will get a cash reward. There are two levels of this reward, in 1st level, you will get 10/- per registration, 2nd level, you will get 5/- per registration. and in 3rd level, you will get 3/- per registration. This is how you can earn referral programs.

Now you might be wondering how to withdraw the cash? it’s so simple, once you reach 500/- you can withdraw the reward and request a gift voucher and enjoy your reward.

Write and earn :

On our website, you will get an opportunity to earn money by writing blogs or news as well. Let us explain this.

Once you have an account you will be able to write and upload blogs and news on several topics within the boundaries of the stream of our website. Each blog or news report should contain a minimum of 500 words. Then it will be eligible for upload.

Once it uploaded you will get 20/- cash after approval from admin. As we verify the content and due to some official processes it takes one week to get paid.

Now, this is not the end. You will earn again with the same blog or news report. Now you might be wondering - “how can I again earn with the same blog or news report ?” Yes, you can. Once your blog or news report gets more than 1000 views Within 7 days of approve of your blog means you will again earn 20/- for the same blog or news report.


Festival Offer

During the festival season YouViu brings an exciting offer for all its users. To make this festival more filmy we are giving free 1 year Netflix and Amazon Prime subscription to 100 lucky users.

To enter in the give away all you need to do is:

  • Register to our website.
  • Share it with your friends (NOTE: minimum 10 of your friends need to register to out website using you link) The winners will be announced on our Facebook and Instagram page on 15th Auguest 2022.
  • Last day to enter the give away is 14th Auguest 2022.