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18 Aug 2022

Hii readers, Welcome back on our Website "Youviu" In This Article We are giving Review of  'Darlings' Let's Began..!

Movie Details

  • Release Date - 5 August 2022
  • Language - Hindi
  • Genre - Comedy, Drama, Thriller
  • Duration - 2h 13m
  • Cast - Alia Bhatt, Inayah Chowdhry, Roshan Mathew
  • Director - Jasmeet K Reen
  • Writer - Parveez Sheikh & Jasmeet K Reen
  • Producer - Alia Bhatt, Gauri Khan, Gaurav Verma
  • Production - Netflix

Movie Review

If there were poll to be cast for a Hindi Movies which sends a powerful message against domestic violence and stuff abuse, Darlings would win Hands down. A clear-cut plotline toasted with a crisp screenplay and mesmerizing performances, Darlings is a good example of how a film should keep the viewer tied up right till the end.

At the Heart of this Jasmeet Reen directive, which dropped on Netflix on 5 August 2022, are four Principal actors all of who make sure the Story takes the fame and is not downgrade to the background by their great than life personalities.

This movie will Shock you and then suddenly make you laugh your Heart out. It will shock you and make you emotional  with every passing frame it will just attached you in with it.

This Movie is about a story of a young Badrunissa Sheikh (Alia Bhatt) who get married her lover Hamza (Vijay Varma) with dreams of a positive-ever-after, after he bags a job as a TT with the railways. With marriage comes a blindsiding revelation of Hamza's psychopathic and insane behaviour, daily episodes of disarrange physical violence and a growing habit of consume alcohol. A demure but perverse Badru puts up with her Husband's toxic behaviour in spite of her mother Khala's (Shefali Shah) warnings, in the wish that he will change. And in order to lead that change she tries cajoling and convincing to mixing Anti-addiction pills in a tasty lamb curry but everything drop flat. And the cruelty just keeps Increasing by the day.

The only time When it does get a bit uncompelling is when the filmmakers want you to believe that an man, of the age and type of Hamza is not capable of untying his hands and legs,and that too, for days at end, after the mother-daughter duo bind him up as a way of put down him in place. This bit could have been made more realastic as that would also have added trustworthiness to the entire performance of containing and managing the man who did not wink an eyelid before releasing his wrath upon his Wife for the smallest and the unintelligently of reasons.

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